Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Basic Design 2: Slavers of Zar

The Wizards of Zar lived in the shadows for nearly two centuries. Then, as they began to loose what cold and inhuman hope they ever had, that they would ever again rise to power within the city of Zar, they made a new discovery. The learned that they could harvest human brains, elevating them to immortality, and then, provided they subject was a non-magic user, their mental machinery of their brain could be enslaved and used as part of a network of thought. New, inhuman levels of intellect, offer strange new vistas to the wizards of Zar, Slowly, carefully, the began to enslave minds. Soon, the most powerful wizards of Zar amounted to a mind made up of hundreds of brains, thinking in unison. However, to think in this manner, the wizard had to give up much mobility and in essense, all semblance of human thought while engaged in it, so it was that the most powerful of the wizards of Zar tasked the less powerful of their number to go out into the world and enslave more minds. Those were born the Slavers of Zar.  The Slavers are members of cabal who carry with them a network of perhaps a dozen brains. They are terrible and powerful, but still mobile and able to think in a manner that considers issues such as cities, nations and human action. In many ways, the Slavers of Zar are the leaders of the society, for it is they that have the right combination of power and interest in earthly affairs. It was they who rose up to destroy old city of Zar, and they who raisse the new awesome and terrible walking city in its place, with the enslavement of a n entire city.

Slaver of Zar
Armor Class: 0/2/4
Hit Dice: 8***
Move:  10'
     Flying 30'
Attacks: 8 tentacles or 1 spell
Damage: 1D3 each
No. Appearing: 1 -3
Save As: Magic-User 8
Morale: 10
Treasure Type: Nil
Intelligence: 18
Alignment: Chaotic
XP Value: 2300

Slavers of Zar can cast spells as a magic-user (level equal to its Hit Dice). They take half damage from non-magical weapons. Attacks directed against the Acolyte's of Zar's body are made against AC 4. Attacks against the Slavers primary brain jar, as made against AC 0, however each successful hit has a 1 in Six chance of shattering the Jar, killing the Acolyte outright. In addition to their primary  brain jar (6 HD), a slaver has one brain jar/HD after 6. Attacks against these are made at AC 2, and successful attacks against them have a 1 in 6 chance of destroying the brain jar. Each time a slaver loses an auxillary brain jar, it looses one effective level of magic user.

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