Friday, 29 January 2016

Basic Design 5: Pipe of the Trickster

Not all wizards are mighty, not all wizards shake the world with their passing. Many in fact are quite middling, and some in fact, never amount to very much. Such was the case with Talbot Lamp, a wandering wizard, who after having been cast out as useless by his mentor,  made his living with conjuring tricks and scribe work, wherever he went. However, there is one detail of his story that is entirely incongruous. For their are tails of magical workings he performed which no gutter mage should know. The source of these discrepancies was his pipe, an item stolen from his master as a parting shot.
When stuffed with good tobacco and smoked, the pipe allows for a number of effects to be conjured up.

-Once per day the smoker can target a group of of  up to ten 1 hit die monsters and prevent them from finding their way to their destination on this attempt. To be able to successfully find the location they are looking for, the must first give up and them later try again.

-The tobacco smoke can be coaxed into all manner of outlandish but temporyshapes, including such creatures as dragons.

- Cause illusionary flames to spring up. On the first turn, there is a scent of illusionary scent of burning, a sense of heat, and a few puffs of heat, on the second turn the flame bursts into life. the flames are warm and mildly painful to any creature touching them, but the do no damage and can be dowsed almost immediately with a little effort. This illusionary flame cannot under any circumstances ignite secondary fires.

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