Saturday, 30 January 2016

Basic Design 6: Unicorn Parasite

In the dead of night  they move, crawling along through the wet grass, until they find a suitable host.

Despite the illusions of fae mystery that may come with the term unicorn, unicorn parasite  as things of pure horror. Exo-parasites that hijack  other species, turning them into methodical murderers or frenzied killers, with a range of magical powers and raw strength.

Female Unicorn parasites infect a host and then, drive them to carefully and methodically kill, depositing the dead in secluded covered areas, covering them in a mucus, which prevents the bodies from being eaten or rotting. These bodies are a larder for juveniles.

Males on the other hand drive their hosts to frantically search for a female, killing anything that they come into contact with. In this way, they can ensure that there are fewer people around to  discover the nest. Once the pair mate, the female dies and the male, or males guard the larder.
Creatures implanted with a unicorn Parasite add +2 to hit and damage, can see invisible creatures at all times, and can cast game Armour upto 3 times a day and Web once a day. Add *** to their hit dice and adjust their exp accordingly.

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