Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Basic Design 3: The Staff of Dogmor Vax

There are few staffs which bare such close ties to 
Chaos, as the  staff of Dogmor Vax. The staff is 
suffused with the power of chaos. When wielded by 
chaotic magic users, this raw power can be
drawn upon to fuel spell casting, but only at a
terrible price; one that ensure the corruption and slow destruction.

The staff of Dogmor Vax functions as a staff +1 in combat, however, when it strikes a lawful creature, it does an additional 1D3 points of damage that cannot be healed by any means short of a cureall spell.

All Chaotic creatures within 30' receive a +1 to hit in combat, thanks to the aura of chaos that seeps from the staff.
When the wielder casts a spell a spell which causes damage, the wielder may channel it through the staff, dealing 2D6 extra damage with the spell. However, when ever the user does this, they risk being altered by the staffs power. 

When channelling a spell through the staff, a magic user must make a D6 roll on the following table. Lawful and neutral character must add two to their roll

1-2: no ill effect
3: Mutated. The caster suffers some significant but cosmic alteration to their appearance; they grow thick fur or scales for instance
4: A set of Chaotic runes sear themselves into the casters flesh, causing 1D6 damage, and leaving permanent scars.
5: A limb becomes heavily mutated (odds arm, evens leg). If this mutation is to an arm, the caster suffers a -1 to all attempts to hit with that arm. If it is to a leg, their movement is reduced by 5'
6: The caster looses a point constitution, as their body rebels against them in a series of hideous mutation.  
7: Screaming agony, for the next  1D10 round they can do nothing but scream in agony as their body undergoes terrible twisting and writhing.
8: Monstrocity. The caster is turned into a monster of the DMs choice, and driven beyond reason.

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