Thursday, 28 January 2016

Basic Design 4: The Terrible Wandering City of Zar

 Atop the cold plateau of Marrax, the wandering city of Zar rests, it has not moved for two hundred years, but the nomads of the lowlands still speak of the days in which the dread city walked across the wastes, on it's great metal tendrils. They speak of how the Wizards of Zar, wiped clean all settled civiliations form their continent. They speak of the cities slaughtered en mass, and at important moments of life, the nomads take their young into the ruined cities, to see the mounds of bone, so that they might fully understand, why it is that staying to long in any one places means death.
For, even now, the Wizards of Zar and their automaton servants range out from the city, taking whatever resources they wish, and hunting the nomad peoples with impunity.

The wandering city of Zar, reaches up toward the skym it is held aloft by thousands of metal tenticles, that act in unison to allow it to crawl across the land. Near the top, dozens of  domed pods and large tanks are carried, and it is here that the wizards of Zar reside. Many of them have become part of the city, huge networks of enslave minds turning them into something truely post human, while other have joined themselves together, becoming gestalts, which terrify even their own kind.

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