Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Welcome to 'Zanzer's dead, what next?', a blog where I ramble about classic D&D adventures.

I have had a long and varied relationship with roleplaying, but when you get down to it, everything started with the black box for me. My first exposure to the hobby came in the form of birthday,or possibly, a Christmas present. Forgive me please, if the exact details are a little hazy, for I was around 8 years old at the time, and about to enter into a period of life altering turmoil, as my family split apart and my father descended in alcoholism.

For a few years, I escaped into Thunders rift, pretending to be Pike, the fighter, as he took on such challenges as the quest for the silver sword or Assault on raven's ruin. Mystara proper, attracted some of my attention too (though I had no name for it at the time), as my elf Zera delved into Kavorquian's dungeon in queen's harvest. But the honest truth is, that I didn't get to play nearly as much basic as I would have liked. My father and a much older cousin initially GM'ed for me and some friends, but, the only people I knew who roleplayed regularly where a good deal older, and played a homebrew game and setting. So in holiday periods, I played a good deal with them, and in term time, I was a county away, and no one I knew played. Once I got to secondary school, things did not improve. My new school had a strong gaming culture, but it was one that played homebrew games and AD&D.   Then I discovered Call of Cthulhu and the World of Darkness. Basic was forgotten, save as a found memory.

Then the OSR happened, and I watched and was vaguely interested. I didn't get too involved for various reasons, but a year ago, I purchased a copy of the Black Box to replace the material I had had as a child.

Classic D&D is going to be the next campaign I run, so for the first time in more than 20 years, I am going to be delving into that material again in.

That is what this blog is about; taking material for Classic D&D and  prepping it for my home campaign.

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